The Magic Shack is dedicated to honoring the magic of nature within and without ~ 

It is a miniature gallery of esoteric folderol, divination tools, and handmade art all located in a private garden oasis behind the storefront of ‘Good Neighbor’. 

It is a divination den, with private reading space where all walks of life are welcomed to seek guidance from the ancient arts of Tarot card reading and Palmistry.

It oft plays host to our flora atelier magic-making known as Divinus Flora

You may enter and be transported to a place not borne of this time. Perhaps, a medieval Sorcerers' lair or a Victorian Fairies Nest may come to mind when crossing the threshold of 'the Shack'. 

May the magic that we make here be that of great compassion, of sharing and of reverence for the land and animals that surround us.

LOCATION: 4200 Piedmont Ave., Oakland CA

COVID-19 Hours
Monday-Thursday: closed*
Friday-Saturday 12-5pm
*sometiems available on closed days, please email us to make arrangements