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"Dream Keeper" Ritual Body Oil 10ml roll-on
by Ms Tea Botanica
San Mateo, CA

infused oil of mugwort, yarrow, black sage, white sage, organic olive oil
Traverseliminal channels, access vivid dreams, call forth visionary power & walk with guides & ancestors.

From the maker:
Traverseliminal channels, access vivid dreams, call forth visionary power & walk with guides & ancestors. Massage into the lower abdomen to relieve cramps & connect with your intricate generative system. Rub onto neck & shoulders to ease tension from overwork or anxiety. Apply to pulse points or all over.

The practice of self-massage with body oils is an essential part of my daily self-care ritual. A way to reset & relax one's delicate nervous system, call energy back from vampires and body dysphoria, hold oneself in the colder months when stiffness sets in.

Whole plant-infused organic olive oil, steeped for months at a time with aromatic mugwort, yarrow, and sage. 100% free of essential oils.


The practice of body oiling is one of my favorite daily self-care rituals for nervous system relaxation. I like to rub a small amount of this oil all over and gently massage for a few minutes to moisturize, assist dreaming, promote clarity and melt away stress.

The name of this oil (and our mugwort balm of the same name) comes from passages of Herbal Rituals by Judith Berger: “I do consider dreams mystical pathways, usually buried and hidden beneath fallen leaves, stones, and tree roots in the psyche which the dream keeper, upon asking, sweeps away, allowing dreams to be used as a sacred bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.” (Herbal Rituals, 49.)


Mugwort aka Mongach has been used for centuries in folk medicine as an ally for dreaming, threshold work & queer fluidity. I’ve worked with mugwort extensively to facilitate vivid dreams & commune with my queer ancestors.

Yarrow relieves stagnant energy, moves the blood where it needs to flow, and supports healthy boundaries as you journey. Garden-grown black & white sage protect the auric field and create a safe passage for dreamwork + astral travel.


(all organic california grown) cali mugwort (artemisia douglasiana), black & white sage leaf (salvia mellifera & apiana), yarrow leaf& flowers (achillea millefolium), cold-pressed organic olive oil

Fresh organic & local herbs. Harvested at peak potency. Cultivated in Northern California using sustainable farming practices. Lovingly handcrafted under the guidance of seasons, stars, sun, and moon.


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