• Image of Heart Connection Bitters
  • Image of Heart Connection Bitters

Heart Connection Bitters by The Hanged Man Co.

Imbibe with intention! Heart connection bitters are designed to aid in softening the pathways to deeper heart-space connection. A lovely finisher for cocktails, punch bowls, and hot beverages (we like it in a martini with a twist, but you're invited to PLAY with your imagination for best results).

Good for date night, or when calling in more empathy. Maybe you're mad at someone you love and trying to understand how/why they hurt you. Taken alone or with a partner(s) to aid in creating a dreamy & heady lovemaking experience.**

The herbs in this blend are traditionally believed to have the following properties**;

Lavender: encourages fertility, pure love, sharpens the mind

Yarrow: helps you see from another's perspective, can have a mild psychotropic effect (heightened senses), traditionally brewed in bride-ale (beer served at medieval weddings)

Hops: for a digestive & sedative/dreamy effect

Damiana: adaptogenic (relieves stress, anxiety), increases blood flow, may intensify orgasms

30ml bottle
Contains alcohol (brandy). Please consult a doctor before taking while pregnant.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.