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'Lunar Gardening for Witches'
By Erin O'leary + Cheryl Rafuse
5 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Saddle Stitch (staple)
28 pages

Part 1. The universal Truths of Gardening
--Placement, Water+ Humidity, Soil + Compost, Pests
Part 2. Seasonal Gardening
-- The Divine Feminine, Maiden, Mother, Crone
Part 3. The Lunar Cycle
-- incl. Companion Planting, Witch Tips, Gardening by Moon Sign, Good Harvest Ritual

From the makers: A little bit of indoor and outdoor advice, veggie knowledge, how-to’s in working with Mama Moon and Mother Earth and as many witchy gardening tips as we could squeeze in! 💚 Have fun night gardening under the moon y’all! ✨🌻

'Plant Magic Workbook - Creating Sacred Greenspace'
By Cheryl Rafuse + Christina Kosinski
8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Saddle Stitch (staple)
20 pages

How Are Plants Sacred?
How Green Is Your Thumb?
Plant Magic Is For Everyone!
Part 1. Grounding
Part 2. Growth
Part 3. Ritual
Resources List

From the Makers: Plant Magic Workbook: Creating Sacred Greenspace is all about cultivating magical and intentional greenspace in your home. Cheryl Rafuse, plant curator, teaches you how to integrate houseplants with your spiritual practice, care for and grow your own greenery. Plants are fantastic allies in meditation, ritual, and spellcrafting. This zine is written for everyone from black-thumbed beginners to plant pros!

'It's A Purne + Propogate Plant Date!'
By Cheryl Rafuse
4 1/4" x 2 3/4"
Single sheet folded zine
+ bonus inside print 'Rootin For You Ritual'
8 pages

From the Maker: It’s a prune + propagate plant date! You can’t go out with your latest tinder squeeze, so you might as well get cozy with your plant partners 😂. This little zine tells you how to trim and propagate your plants in water and dirt! It goes through herbaceous and woody plants PLUS a bit about succulents. Packed chockfull of good tips and when you open it up there’s an intention setting ritual for your new plant friends.