• Image of California Poppy Seeds
  • Image of California Poppy Seeds

Do you believe you can grow a thing?
In planting a seed we are shown physical evidence of our power and ability to call upon the elements of nature and bring beauty to life for the creation of better healing and harmony.

The California Poppy ( Eschscholzia Californica) is the most arresting of golden beauties that call out to awaken us every spring. They bring support and nourishment to the birds, bees, and butterflies. And can provide more than just visual magic for humans too! California Poppies, unlike, other poppies is not an opiate and is a powerful plant ally promoting a healthy nervous system, enhancing one's intuition and improving clear vision.

One can of seeds can plant an entire meadow with approximately 30,000 seeds.
The California poppy is a perennial, blooming throughout the spring and summer.

Approximately 70% of these seeds will germinate.