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Gay witch lit for the people! - Grab this 3-book-bundle for 10% off!

Maybe we at The Magic Shack are old fashioned, but we believe in reading and giving books to loved ones. Make someone's day and open their mind too with this faerie anarcho queer witch mash-up. Not just for LGBTQI+, NO! Everybody can benefit from the wisdom of queer life.

-Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture
by Arthur Evans

- The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions
by Larry Mitchell

- Be Gay Do Crime
by The Mary Nardini Gang

About the books:
- Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture - This radical faerie classic, first published in 1978 by Fag Rag Press, uncovers the hidden mythic link between homosexuality and paganism in an elegy for the world of sex and magic vanquished by Christian civilization. From Joan of Arc to the Cathars and the underground worshippers of Diana, the author shows how every upwelling of gender transgression and sexual freedom was targeted by the authorities for total and often violent repression or appropriation. The concluding manifesto calls for pagan reconnection with the living world, the creation of armed anarchist cells, and the destruction of industrial civilization.

This edition includes the essential new introduction by Feral Death Coven, which places the text in relation with Silvia Federici’s Caliban and the Witch, anarchist anti-civilization thought, and new strains of paganism, and makes clear the book’s failures and shortcomings.

Publisher: Feral Death Coven

- The Faggots and Their Friends Between Revolutions - In a joyous and perverse intermingling of fable, myth, heterotopian vision, and pocket wisdom, The Faggots & Their Friends tell us stories of the 70s gay countercultures and offer us strategies and wisdom for our own time living Between Revolutions.

These pages sketch a different shape to time and offer instructions for living within it. This story, like our own, plays out in liminal time. Not the time of revolution, and not after-the-revolution, the story occurs between revolutions. Being between revolutions: being enmeshed in slow entropy, in abandoned spaces, in lives forged without recourse to “winning” or “after.” The faggots feel this disintegration and live best when empires are falling.

Newly introduced and wrapped in letterpressed lavender, this much needed 2016 revival of the 1977 Radical Faerie classic faithfully reproduces the long out of print edition by Calamus Books, including Ned Asta’s fantastical illustrations.

Publisher: Pocketed Books

- Be Gay Do Crime - Among the discordant chorus of anons who penned the defining texts of the queer anarchist network Bash Back!, none was more fervent in its glorification of criminal desire, decadent hedonism, and social undoing than the Milwaulkee-based Mary Nardini Gang. Their fiery “Towards the Queerest Insurrection” still circulates as an integral manifesto of riotous queerness, while the “Criminal Intimacy” and “Whore Theory” have made their more subterranean way into innumerable conversations and correspondences.

Ten years later, the secretive group supplements these collected writings with a subtle retrospective. Carefully unlocking the hidden layers of their theses on insurrection, they face up to what they got wrong, concede that the world ended somewhere between the Greek insurrection of 2008 and now, and insist upon the vital task of ushering new worlds into being as we live amid the decomposition and cataclysmic death throes of the old one. To their theses on insurrection, they prepend a new arcana tooled for opening onto the queerest of outsides.

Dedicated to their friends among the dead, this pocket edition is a necromantic mirror, an encrypted message to old loves, and an invitation to those finding these words for the first time.