• Image of High Sun Low Moon Sacred Soak
  • Image of High Sun Low Moon Sacred Soak

Traveling in this World can make one weary.
Let the elements offer your relief and a pick me up.
Let your physical body be steeped in warmth and water
Let your self be soothed by steam and sacred plants from the earth.

Sacred Soaks are an organic tea for the body, handmade by fellow flora enthusiasts, High Sun Low Moon, with an intent to restore balance and connection to Mother Earth. A dip into the perfumed and ruby-hued water, these soaks create, renews one energy and sense of self. Flowers and herbs include: Calendula, Chamomile, Rose, Lavender, Oat Tops, Hops, Marshmallow Root, and Beetroot.

Soaks are made in small batches monthly with a 2+ year shelf-life.