• Image of "Verdant Eye" Bitters

"Verdant Eye" Bitters
(formerly Third Eye Bitters)
by The Magic Shack

Imbibe with intention! Verdant Eye bitters are designed to aid in divination and all magical workings by gently allowing your third eye consciousness to blossom.

The herbs in this blend are traditionally believed to have the following properties**;

Rose: encourages blessings of friendly spirits, good luck


Yarrow: helps one to focus, associated with divination and higher consciousness,

Thyme: attracts faeries and builds courage

Mugwort: aids with astral projection, divination, and lucid dreaming. cleansing and stopping unkind energies

Wormwood: help to induce visions, astral projection, and divination. Traditionally ingredient for absinthe

50ml bottle
Contains alcohol (brandy). Please consult a doctor before taking while pregnant.
**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.