• Image of "Wondering Sage" Ritual Hydrosol Mist

"Wondering Sage Ritual Hydrosol Mist"
(2) oz. spray bottle
by Ms. Tea Botanica
San Mateo, CA

Use For: calming aromatherapy mist on face & body, and your immediate environment

From the make:
A highly aromatic and otherworldly ritual mist of hydrosols and flower essences of California desert and mountain landscapes. To protect and fortify the energetic field while remembering our ancestors and connecting to a well of deep inner wisdom.


This aromatherapy mist blends several kinds of sages and mugworts found throughout the desert basin and beyond. These plants have been revered for centuries in many global indigenous cultures for their connection to dreams, ancestral guidance, and expanding the gateways of consciousness. The plants in this bottle represent a protected container, a way to commune with the nonhuman world and remember the land that holds us.

All plants in this blend are locally cultivated by compassionate small-scale Northern CA herb growers and distilled by Ms. Tea using a traditional copper alembic still. These small-batch hydrosols provide the benefits of plant aromatherapy without the overpowering scent or unethical practices of mass-produced essential oils, and they’re a wonderful alternative for those sensitive to smoke medicine.

Spray onto clean skin & hair, into the bath, or on your bed pillow. Use as a ritual mist to access intentional space for meditation, spells, dreamwork, and visioning.


(all organic California farm-grown) white sage (salvia apiana), blacksage (salvia mellifera), clarysage (salvia sclarea), mugwort (artemisia douglasiana) steam distilled in a traditional copper alembic with pure spring water and creosote, sagebrush & creeping sage flower essences


Fresh organic & local herbs. Harvested at peak potency. Cultivated in Northern California using sustainable farming practices. Lovingly handcrafted under the guidance of stars, sun, and moon.


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